Breckfield North Everton Neighborhood Council 



Breckfield & North Everton Neighborhood Council developed The North Liverpool Cycle Project which delivers a number of projects aimed at increasing cycling in the North end of the City as well as educating and raising awareness on Road Safety issues for both young people and local residents who are cyclists.

This Project helps to reduce the numbers of road /deaths and serious injuries of cyclists and pedestrians on our roads.

The project uses a number of means to deliver the message of road safety – running through the whole project will be the educational message of staying safe.


We work with different groups of people:

  • Adults

  • Young People 11 to 17yrs

  • Community Groups

  • Community health programmes


North Liverpool Cycle Club operates

  1.  A Park & Ride Scheme

  2.  Cycle Events

  3.  Monthly Mass Participation Cycle Rides

  4.  A cycle tourism history route


To find out more, contact Nick 0151 288 8400